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Digital Mycology
at Hand

The primary purpose of this NANOs Digital Mycology will be the development of digital resources that will be available for NANO partnered members and the wider mycological community, that will provide valuable, scientific, and educational information on natural and medical mycology.


New Features

The use of our NANO agriculture technology, or NANO -MycoTech, to integrate Mushroom production from Farm to Table. These technologies can provide the Mycology industry with the tools and information to make more informed decisions and improve productivity.

  • automated hardware and software

  • GIS software and GPS agriculture

  • robotics

  • sensors

  • soil sampling 

  • telematics

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NANO is here to help answer some of the most difficult questions farmers face. NANO can assist them with predicting climate, decreasing the use of water, and increasing yields and farmers with their net profit margins. by using our NANO data we can give farmers the information they need to succeed and create high-quality, desirable crops.



Our NANO Analytics is the systematic computational analysis of data and statistics. We at Nano use our analytics to help discover new and innovative solutions of how to, interpret and communicate meaningful Breakthroughs in Mycology. we then apply those data patterns toward effective decision-making and help grow the future of Mycology and the community. NANO looks to be valuable for other partners for statisticscomputer programming, and operations research to quantify performance. NANO applies analytics to business data to describe, predict, and improve business performance. Specifically, Our NANO analytics include descriptive analytics, diagnostic analytics, predictive analyticsprescriptive analytics, and cognitive analytics.