Colorado Pioneering Mushroom use for Therapeutic Healing

Updated: Oct 29

With the potential for some psychedelics to become legalized in Colorado this year, it’s important to provide information, education, and guidance to citizens so that regardless of an individual’s personal choice regarding the use of psychedelics, the general population will be knowledgeable and empowered.

Psychedelic research and the use of psychedelics for therapeutic healing purposes have continued to gain steam over the past decades and won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Some studies show the history of psychedelic medicine dates back to 1500 BCE and that natural medicines have been a part of many cultures for as long as they’ve existed. It’s no surprise that the last few years have been a catalyst for change globally. The safe access and use of various psychedelics have the potential to reinvigorate humanity and open new doors for deep healing.

As stated in an article from Synthesis (a legal psychedelic retreat) “The growing awareness of the medicinal benefits of psychedelics in the West has been dubbed the

psychedelic renaissance.” Unlike the counterculture movement of the 1960s and ‘70s, this psychedelic emergence is fueled by contemporary science and the potential for psychedelics to treat the rising tide of mental health conditions in our societies. But psychedelics have been familiar to humanity for much longer than the past few decades. Plant medicines have been a part of some cultures since their beginnings.”

Colorado Aims to create safe, regulated spaces that honor new treatment options to help individuals along their healing journey by having access to natural medicines that have been safely used for centuries. While we may not know for certain if this important legislation will be passed in Colorado this November, we can begin to consider how to contribute ideas so we can best navigate the next steps. Active involvement from a wide network of community members and citizens, as well as experts in this field, will be able to step up and utilize their voices and talents to truly empower people in new ways that we haven’t regularly seen in modern, western culture. This will bring communities together and create an environment of trust, authenticity, and peaceful, proactive change with a profound improvement in the general well-being and mental health of many people. The importance of experience in guiding people through a psychedelic journey will be paramount as well as creating the perfect atmosphere for the most positive and beneficial effects. Each psychedelic journey is unique and different and facilitators who are well-practiced in this arena will be necessary and of great service by offering their knowledge as well as their ability to hold space, define boundaries, and remain both grounded and emotionally attuned to the individual(s) going through this process. This is something that has been seen countless times by leaders in the field and has been at the top of the list of things that must be considered and put into practice to create optimal and transformational experiences with any psychedelic use. In different cultures, we often see a guide, shaman, curandera/curandero, medicine man/woman, etc. taking on this sacred and necessary role. It’s time we acknowledge that there are many incredible healers among us and that we all have the capacity to heal ourselves.

We will also have to consider the unknown potentials that exist when consuming anything new, especially if that something “new” creates a psychoactive effect. With psychedelic drugs or experiences, we often hear the phrases “good trip” and “bad trip” come up. There are a variety of reasons for this that aren’t included in this article so be sure to check out our article Exploring Psychedelic Territory in 2022 Good Trips and Bad Trips Through a Conscious Lens to learn more.

In this article, we want to acknowledge that the healing power of plant medicine, often allows us to clear deep trauma. Clearing deep trauma means moving through a process where we can see ourselves and our experiences, (some of which may be rooted in pain), through a different lens; psychedelics help us do that. Many pharmaceuticals are ineffective because they treat the symptom and cause side effects merely masking the problem and never addressing the root cause behind many conditions.

We must also recognize the holistic importance and integration that is to be respected and revered when utilizing plant medicine. All cultures that are connected to the wisdom and healing of plant medicine share the spiritual journey that takes place as the primary aspect of healing in these types of sessions. Western culture has continually attempted to compartmentalize health, looking at the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional spheres of our being as separate and unrelated. A pill for this and a pill for that with a side effect here and a side effect there…All aspects of our humanity and health our integrated and interwoven deeply into the fabric of our experience both individually and collectively. The same can be said about our connection to Mother Earth and nature; we are not separate but have become increasingly disconnected which more and more people and communities have been intentionally striving to remedy.

As electromagnetic beings, we must spend time in nature and connect. The Earth is magnetic, the sun is electric, and we are electromagnetic. This is also why “Earthing”, or walking around barefoot outside, has been shown to reduce inflammation and pain in the body because it allows us to discharge any excess energy, or draw in electrons that counteract free radicals. (Thanks Earth!)

This is worth noting because plant-based medicine has an innate wisdom to it that integrates with the human body at the spiritual level. We are sharing the Earth with these plants and there is a deeper level of connection that exists within that unseen space than we can describe in words. Religion calls its spirits, science calls it physics, and in the streets, it’s called a vibe. Dis-ease begins at an energetic level, and much of our programming and subconscious fear or trauma can be passed down from generation to generation. This often creates blockages within our energy systems that perpetuate more of the same types of situations and traumas until we break the loop and end cycles; something that recent generations have been set on doing. Perhaps psychedelic therapies can pave a new way to do just that.

There are many points to consider as to how the next chapter of psychedelic healing will unfold if initiatives are passed this November in Colorado.

Some major points of discussion and decision will include:

The Licensing Process:

Simplicity, Affordability for Small Business Owners, Consistency

Client-Centered Care:

Ensuring affordability, premium quality, and safe access for adults 21+ of all

different backgrounds.

Experienced Support Teams:

Having experienced psychedelic guides, healers, alternative health practitioners, mental health therapists, and other professionals available at

Clinics/Healing Centers.

Information & Education:

All people that choose to purchase psychoactive natural medicine should be provided with information. Clients should also have the opportunity to speak (in person, online, or over the phone) with someone before, during, or after their psychedelic experience regardless of whether they choose to be supervised or go home to their own private space.

Well-Rounded Offerings:

If someone is going to be taking psychedelics for the first time in a supervised setting at a healing clinic there are a variety of things that can be done to consistently promote the atmosphere of safety, trust, guidance, love, and follow-through for the best possible client experience.

A Calm, Clean Environment:

Regardless of whether psychedelics are legalized in Colorado this November, it’s clear that a new chapter is emerging as we plunge through uncertainty

to find safe and long-lasting solutions for mental health and overall healing.

As we approach a new horizon where the spear tip of medicine, nature, technology, and humanity meet, we must continue to actively engage in discussions to make conscious choices as individuals and communities.

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