BREAKING NEWS: Colorado Legalizes Psilocybin & Other Psychedelics in Historic Vote

Colorado has now become the second state after Oregon to legalize magic mushrooms, facilitated psychedelic experiences, and the personal use and possession of other entheogens such as DMT, Ibogaine, and Mescaline (not derived from peyote). This is a victorious moment of celebration for so many that have been pushing for more holistic options for mental health concerns and to provide alternative healing solutions to veterans and so many others that are struggling. Veteran, Jason Lopez who was recently featured in this AP article, shares the healing benefits that psychedelics provided after coming back from his third tour of duty, “When I’m on psychedelics, for example, like mushrooms or psilocybin, it opens my eyes to the beauty of the world, the love that I have for the world…All of that anger or being upset or frustrated…it dissolves. It melts away.”

On November 8th, voters passed proposition 122, The Natural Medicine Health Act. Now the focus will move toward planning and implementation through a governor-appointed Natural Medicine Advisory Board. The Board will consist of 15 selected members that will be closely monitored by activists who supported a countermeasure to Proposition 122. They hope to ensure diverse and inclusive representation within the group. Our organization is partnered with a cooperative of veterans, minority-owned businesses, and non-profit organizations all of which are frontline leaders in creating immense social, economic, and environmental impact. Psilocybin services must rollout by late 2024, although the measure could be expanded to include facilitated sessions with ibogaine, mescaline (not derived from peyote), and natural DMT, such as the type contained within ayahuasca, by mid-2026. The measure is somewhat complex and there is much to be coordinated, but we are thrilled to see this progress and to bring new hope and healing to the Centennial state.

There are many points to consider as to how the next chapter of psychedelic healing will unfold now that Proposition 122 passed in Colorado.

Major points of discussion and decision will include:

The Licensing Process:

Simplicity, Affordability for Small Business Owners, Consistency

Client-Centered Care:

Ensuring affordability, premium quality, and safe access for adults 21+ of all

different backgrounds.

Experienced Support Teams & Facilitators:

Having experienced psychedelic guides, healers, alternative health practitioners, mental health therapists, and other professionals available at

Clinics/Healing Centers.

Information & Education:

All people that choose to purchase psychoactive natural medicine should be provided with information. Clients should also have the opportunity to speak (in person, online, or over the phone) with someone before, during, or after their psychedelic experience regardless of whether they choose to be supervised or go home to their own private space.

Well-Rounded Offerings:

If someone is going to be taking psychedelics for the first time in a supervised setting at a healing clinic there are a variety of things that can be done to consistently promote the atmosphere of safety, trust, guidance, love, and follow-through for the best possible client experience.

A Calm, Clean Environment:

Regardless of whether psychedelics are legalized in Colorado this November, it’s clear that a new chapter is emerging as we plunge through uncertainty

to find safe and long-lasting solutions for mental health and overall healing.

As we approach a new horizon where the spear tip of medicine, nature, technology, and humanity meet, we must continue to actively engage in discussions to make conscious choices as individuals and communities.


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