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Tomorrow's Mycology Starts Today

NANO Fungi is revolutionizing Mycology and the Agriculture industries with new and innovative applications of holistic and regenerative science and technologies. 

Nano Fungi studies the biology of fungi, including their genetic, biochemical properties, their taxonomy, and their use for humans, and look for functional and applicable applications in traditional medicine, food, and entheogens.

We Made a Promise

We made a promise to do right by people, our land, farmers, their families, and the communities in which NANO Fungi serves. That’s why we're investing not only into fighting food insecurity but by supporting the growth and development of mycology communities across the United States and the world. We promise to pioneer new and innovative technologies to find ways to protect farmland and mycologist to ensure they thrive for generations to come.


If you are interested in a career with

NANO Fungi and would like to help mycologist across the world that loves to work with fungi, which are living organisms such as molds, yeast, and mushrooms, and have a passion for research that focuses on the diversity and evolution of mushroom-forming fungi please apply below. 

BI Developer (3459)

The Business Intelligence (BI) Developer works collaboratively with end-users to develop reporting systems that provide accessible information for decision-making

Project Manager (2314)

Project managers play the lead role in planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing out projects

Tech Lead Manager (8901)

A technical lead is responsible for helping their team members with the technical aspects of their jobs, such as coding and programming.

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