The Path to Sustainable Mushroom Growing

Fungi can play a significant role in the pursuit of sustainability. For example, mushroom cultivation may be integrated into schemes for recycling agricultural waste as well as providing nutrition and income for peoples living in developing nations

Better for Farmers, Better for the Planet

Here at Nano, we believe that mushrooms and microbes have an incredible ability to improve human relationships and health on individual, community, and planetary scales.

Mushrooms have profoundly impacted our lives positively in terms of personal health to such a degree that.... well we feel like it's kind of important to learn everything we can and share everything we learn.

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Innovation - Driven Solutions

Myco-technology is an emerging field, where fungi can be harnessed for materials or structures with desirable shapes and sizes. Though Myco-technology is in its infancy, potential applications provide exciting potential for transformation in agriculture to contribute in providing monumental solutions through green chemistry.